Youth Chapters
Through our Youth Chapters - the youth wing of affiliated unions, young union leaders are better able to engage fellow youths at their workplace. With the support of Young NTUC, our young union leaders are provided with resources to facilitate them in reaching out and engaging their members.
Accidental Adventure Made Good
Two years ago, Nuraini Zakaria was tasked into taking up union leadership but guess what? She has never looked back since.
Energizing, Motivating And Inspiring Through Youth Leadership
“I hope to be able to inspire the next union leader to follow in my footsteps to step up to the challenge.”
Team Young NTUC
Team Young NTUC brings together youths of similar interests and causes. Youths come together as affinity groups to lead initiatives which they are passionate about. From environmental issues, animal welfare, volunteering to performing arts, we help our members make a difference to themselves and the society.
Building A Better Singapore, One Step At A Time
One girl’s dream of making Singapore a better home for her family and hopefully, for our future generation too.
Spreading Positivity, One Step At A Time
“Whether we are happy or not, we still have live through each day, so why not make life as fulfilling as we can?”
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