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Grooming Career Mentors To Better Help Youths
Young NTUC introduces a new development framework into its Youth Career Network to equip volunteer career guides and coaches with better skills to support youths.
What are Green Jobs All About?
If you missed the recent Green Jobs Symposium, we bring you some highlights to explain what the sector is all about.
What All Workers Should Know About This Year’s Budget
Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has given his Budget 2018 speech, and we’ve listened attentively. So what’s in it for workers?
PMDs: On the Right Riding Path
Personal mobility devices and bike sharing are all the rage now but how much do you know about the rules that govern their usage?
Green Jobs Symposium 2018
Singapore has a vision of becoming a zero-waste nation. Find out how you can be part of this green revolution.
Todo Todo In The Heartlands
Wondering what is the Todo Todo programme all about and how it can help you? We ask around to get you the answers.
Live & Learn
Credit Tips for your 20s, 30s and 40s
As young adults move from their twenties to thirties and forties, their credit scores will continue to rise. Read on and get some credit tips on what to do at each age group.
Debunking 3 Common Credit Myths: Couples Edition
Whether you’re planning a wedding or already married, it’s critical for you to understand how marriage changes your finances. Here are 3 common myths that could give you a better idea of what you are in for.
Making and Keeping to Your Resolutions
The new year is around the corner, and some of us are already thinking of how to get the best out of the coming months ahead. We offer you a guide on how to get the most out of your yearly resolution-making exercise.
Budgeting for the Festive Seasons
The wonderful festivities are here to grace Singapore once again. Many tend to get into the giving spirit, regardless of monetary constraints. You may find yourself tempted to do the same and possibly overspend. So, how can we spend within our means?
Why do employers look at your credit report?
Your credit report provides a holistic view of your credit payment habits. By keeping track of your credit report on a regular basis, you will be better informed of any changes that have been made to your credit file. Why do employers look at your credit report?
Richer for the Experience
This year’s Young NTUC Youth Campus see young activists rough it out on Pulau Hantu while gaining new friends and getting to know the Labour Movement better.
Up Close & Personal
Youths that Dare to Dream
Find out how two youths have gone all out to pursue their career dreams in setting up their very own hawker stalls.
We Didn’t Come in from the Business Angle
Is it possible for a business to be profitable, productive, and still take care of vulnerable workers? We find out how Spic & Span is doing things differently in the competitive cleaning space.
Bringing Cheer Through a Photoshoot
Giving back comes in many ways, and these two volunteers bring their own sets of skills to the Young NTUC Project Refresh session.
Letting His Actions Speak for Themselves
When it comes to helping people in need, youth activist Muhammad Fazli Hamdan believes in being proactive in taking action.
Is a Job in Blockchain for You?
If you’ve been reading the news lately, it is one emerging industry that is trending now. But what is blockchain, and are there opportunities worth seizing?
Mr Funny Business
Meet SGAG co-founder Adrian Ang, the entrepreneur who earns a living from giving you a good laugh online.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Getting the Young Interested in Union Work
When you are young, excelling in your career and starting a family are the goals you go for. Young NTUC leader Muhammad Zuhaili has added another – union work.
Getting Young Teachers to Fuse IT into Teaching
Information Technology is coming in fast into the classroom to make teaching better. We find out what Young STU Chairman, Andy Ang has to say about it.
Staying Connected to the Ground
Meet UTES youth activist Priyalata Pillay, who is one of the many voices behind the phone at Singtel taking care of your issues.
Young Activists
Setting the Correct Compass On a Career
A Youth Career Network guide shares the ups and downs, ins and outs of his 10-year career journey while helping youths through theirs.
Combining one’s love for volunteerism while preserving Singapore’s rich heritage
Entrepreneur and Team Young NTUC volunteer, Lynn Wong Yuqing hopes to be a social changemaker by combining her passion for preserving Singapore’s rich heritage with her big heart for helping others.
Finding a New Passion
One Youth Career Network (YCN) mentor was so inspired by guiding youths in their careers that she has taken up professional coach certification to be more effective in dispensing advice. Read more on Juliana Tay’s involvement with the programme.