18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Not quite your average Steph

Contributed by Flora Isabelle

At first glance, Stephanie Tay strikes you as your average twenty-something. After graduating three years ago from the National University of Singapore, she is now in a procurement job. She has also recently gotten married and JUST returned from her honeymoon in Maldives. In her free time, she enjoys bowling (this girl used to be part of the national youth team!), doing miniature craft and travelling.

But what sets her apart is her true passion in volunteerism. When she was a school-going teenager, she used to teach at an orphanage and moving on, she eventually joined nEbO, the junior membership arm of NTUC and subsequently graduating into the Young NTUC Junior Circle (YNJC).

At nEbO, members are given the opportunity to be socially engaged and to develop their leadership skills and potential through various events and intitatives to be ready for work, the world and life at large.

“To be honest, I first joined nEbO only because my brother was a founding member!” She laughs. “But now, it has become such an integrated part of my life.”

Through her years of volunteerism, she has realised that while she wants to do so much more for society at large, there is only so much she can do as an individual. As such, it is through the Labour Movement that she finds purpose where they can reach out better to the masses and advocate for youth issues.

When asked about how she can find time to juggle life as a newly-wed, her career and union work, she says,
“I don’t believe in 50% effort. It’s either all or nothing. When I set my heart on doing something, I make sure I stay focused!”

It also helps that her husband is very supportive of her union activities and believes in the cause as well.

As for the plans ahead of her in YNJC, she is enthusiastic of the prospects of what’s to come.  She hopes to be able to develop her leadership capabilities and life skills through her union work that can also take her through the work place and life-at-large. Of course discounted movie tickets and special admission rates to attractions such as Gardens by the Bay via the fun activities organised by the circle is a huge perk as well!

“It’s still a new initiative so there’s so much we can set out together to achieve! Most importantly, this is a great platform to help the Singaporean community and meet new people… so I’m really excited at how we can take this further and greater!”