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Future Outlook: Start Imagining Today!

Contributed by Fawwaz Baktee

Flying Taxis


Guess what the Singapore Transport Ministry has been up to lately? We read that they were currently in talks with companies to begin trials on flying taxis. Yes, you read that right – taxis that fly. Does “Back to the Future” ring a bell? We say, what a way to get into the office or go on a date!

These passenger carrying drones are going to be a super hot and hip way to travel. The futuristic vehicles plan is part of the Ministry’s drive to expand the range of urban mobility options, and Singapore hopes to have them ready by 2030.


3D Printing


The 3D print revolution is here and will stay. From forks and spoons to movable gears and prosthetic limbs, the possibilities are limitless.

Heard that wild one about houses being 3D printed? A Russian company called Apis Cotr recently showcased its technology, 3D printing a 37sqm home using a mobile 3D printer onsite. From start to finish, the single storey house took only 24 hours and US$10,000 to construct. Yes, we want one! Just last year, a Chinese company managed to 3D print the world's first five-storey apartment building. However, parts of the building were printed offsite and assembled at the location.

I am Robot


Researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne predicted in their 2013 paper, “The Future of Employment”, that nearly half of all jobs will be automated over the next three to four decades.

Well, the change has started – check in to NTUC FairPrice and Cheers outlets to shop and self-checkout through the standalone kiosks. Need a martini, stirred and not shaken, at a hotel lobby bar? A robot may just whip one up for you. Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki is the first five-star hotel to be staffed by robots that are equipped with artificial intelligence. The robots will check in new guests before carrying their luggage and cleaning their rooms – and all with a smile.