Young Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority Workers’ Union

Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority Workers’ Union was formed in 1975. They represent employees of URA.

Union Representative(s)

Tan Zhu, April
Chairperson (Public Sector) / Young SURAWU Union Leader


April is the youth representative of Young SURAWU.


April is currently the 9th Term Young NTUC Chairperson. As Chairperson, she engages young working adults to understand ground concerns, rally them to support the Labour Movement causes as well as represent Young NTUC at national and international platforms.


April was the Public Sector Chairperson for the 8th Term looking into the aspirations and representing young workers in the Public Sector Unions. She was also involved in representing Young NTUC at various opportunities including the Pre Budget 2021 consultation and series of Emerging Stronger Conversations.


Professionally, April works as a Planner at URA. She is also the President of the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority Workers’ Union (SURAWU).

YDU2_Young SURAWU_April+-+SURAWU.png
Muhammad Sholihin Bin Khamsani
Young SURAWU Union Leader


Sho Khamsani is an Executive Member of SURAWU, the in-house union of the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The Administrative Manager enjoys being enthralled by the new elements he (re)discovers on his nth listen of his favourite tunes. An appreciator of the finer things in life, he is also partial to good dining and stay experiences. Catch him (or not) watching Netflix at home enjoying a good horror / thriller title.