Flying the NTUC Flag High

Reza was nominated by Young NTUC to be a part of the NTUC contingent for National Day Parade 2019 and 2021. He recounted that both experiences were unique and truly humbling. Beyond NDP, he is also committed to be a pillar of support for SATSWU workers and members. Find out more.
15 Sep 2021

It was a moment years in the making. A dream that he had since young came true for Reza Chisty Ashwari, when he was nominated by Young NTUC to be a part of the NTUC contingent for National Day Parade 2019. And it was not just once in a lifetime. Reza participated again in NDP 2021 with an added responsibility of being a Deputy Commander for the contingent.

A flagbearer for the contingent during both parades, the self-professed NDP fan described the marchpast experience as one that made him feel “truly humbled, honoured and thankful”. While the more muted NDP 2021 meant that Reza and the contingent could not be a part of the live action on the Marina Bay Floating Platform, the event was no less meaningful.

“Due to COVID-19 safe measures, we had to pre-record our segment. I got to watch the parade in its entirety on screen, including our contingent’s marchpast. I love how the entire parade was put together despite being done in a different mode this year!” shared Reza.

Reza’s passion to serve does not end at his involvement with the NDPs. The Youth Chairman of the Singapore Airport Terminal Services Workers’ Union (SATSWU) stepped up to his role after seeing the contribution of preceding Union Leaders in making SATS a better work environment.

Committed to being a pillar of support for SATSWU members and coworkers, Reza is encouraged by how they have trusted and approached the Union in confidence to resolve issues they may be facing.

He elaborated, “Like the leaders who came before me, I want to do my part in helping my fellow members and colleagues. By being their listening ears, we can better understand their concerns and provide assistance. We can also be the bridge to facilitate mutual understanding between the organisation and the employees, and work hand in hand to make SATS a great place.”

Despite a challenging time during the pandemic, Reza took heart from how his co-workers continued to do their best even as they were redeployed to a new job scope following changes to demands for airport terminal-related services. With face-to-face interaction taking a back seat, the union leaders continue to engage members through virtual meet-ups and did several rounds of Fairprice vouchers distribution to ease the members’ household expenses for daily necessities.

“Tough times don’t last but tough people do’ – I saw this quote somewhere recently and couldn’t agree more. The people at SATS have proven themselves to be tough people. May we persevere and cross through the hurdles together!”