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Is There A "Right Time" To Leave?

Nearly a quarter of the workforce displayed intention to quit their jobs in the first half of 2022, and the same trend may also happen in 2023. When is the best time to leave? If you are considering to start a new venture, read more to help you in your decision.
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12 Jan 2023
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An article published in Today showed survey findings that nearly a quarter of the then workforce displayed the intention to quit their jobs in the first half of 2022. You may be one of those currently considering doing that. The decision to leave a job can be due to many factors, from the workload to the organisation's culture. Then comes an even harder decision of when to leave, with factors such as bonuses coming into play. This article hopes to help you by listing some signs that show it's time to leave.


Sign 1 - Lack of Growth
Growth is an important part of life. If you find that you are no longer growing as an individual or in your career, it might be time to consider leaving. Before leaving, it might be helpful to see if it is possible to reinvigorate your work. If you still feel that you are becoming stagnant in your job and are no longer getting new experiences or opportunities to learn, then a change in your career could help with that.


Sign 2 - Exceeded Milestones
Do you remember your interviewer asking what your 5-year plan was? Or maybe you had some goals set before starting your current job. If you’ve achieved your plan or met all your goals, you might find yourself feeling like you’ve done all you needed to do. If you find that you aren’t able to set any more goals or feel like you’ve reached the finish line in your current job, you might be close to leaving your current job.


Sign 3 - Missing Motivation
Maybe you used to wake up early in the morning just raring to go to work, ready to put your all into it. But now all you do is find every possible reason not to go to work. What you once loved to do now has become the thing you never want to do. If this is because you no longer love the work you do and is unrelated to other factors, it might be time to take a break. Taking a break or even walking away from it could result in you falling back in love with it.


Sign 4 - Non-existent Balance
When you first started working, maybe you used to leave work with a smile, satisfied with the work done that day. Your after-work activities used to consist of going to the gym, doing one of your hobbies or meeting your friends for dinner. But now your job stresses you out and makes you frustrated and upset, leaving you with no time or energy for after-work activities anymore. This could lead to neglecting your health and picking up bad habits. If your job begins to affect your personal life negatively, it's time to reflect on whether to change your job.


Sign 5 - Toxic Environment
A toxic environment is one of the biggest signs to leave your current job. Every individual should be treated with respect and dignity. If you find yourself feeling that being at work is an unpleasant experience and there are people there not treating you right, then it's time to leave. Leaving will ensure that you remain emotionally healthy and able to continue working.


If you find yourself relating to any of the above signs, being an NTUC member can help you with how to proceed. NTUC provides resources to manage and guide you through tough times in your career. They can help you protect your rights and from abuse at work, and give access to career mentors and HR professionals to provide you with relevant information.


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