What would you do for the love of Singapore?

Even as we celebrated Singapore's 56th birthday in a scaled down parade, we stand strong as one people. Find out what it means to our Young Union Leaders to do their part for the love of Singapore.
30 Aug 2021

Even as we celebrated Singapore’s 56th birthday in a scaled down parade, we stand strong as one people with a can-do spirit to see our nation through good and tough times. A few Young NTUC’s Union Leaders shared what it means to them to do a part for their love of Singapore! 

Zaid Idris
Attractions, Resorts and Entertainment Union (AREU)

‘Kampong spirit’ is the reason why Zaid can speak Mandarin, as he picked it up from his friendly neighbours! He hopes to see a strengthening of the kampong spirit in our community, where neighbours look out for one another, give food to each other during festive season or even learn the languages of different ethnic groups!

Joyce Tee
Union of Power and Gas Employees (UPAGE)

From being able to enjoy racial harmony to endless good food, Joyce loves how different cultures can co-exist in our country. She is proud of the Singapore spirit and hopes to show the world what one Singapore stands for.



Nur Farahin
Singapore Teachers' Union (STU)

While she may not be an arts practitioner, Farahin hopes that support for works of cultural art in Singapore continues as they are an integral part of our heritage. Knowing that a cohesive nation is the effort of everyone, she also wants to show what it means to come together as one Singapore through her own daily interactions.

Shannon Soh
Housing and Development Board Staff Union

During the pandemic, Shannon volunteered for causes such as assembling care packs for foreign workers in the dormitories. He believes that every little help goes a long way – everyone can make a difference to someone in need, no matter how small the gesture.