Youth Chapters
Through our Youth Chapters - the youth wing of affiliated unions, young union leaders are better able to engage fellow youths at their workplace. With the support of Young NTUC, our young union leaders are provided with resources to facilitate them in reaching out and engaging their members.
The leader who finds great fulfillment in union work
It's always important to find meaning in what we do. It gives one the motivation to do more the next time. Find out how Yong Jun made positive impact in CIEU where he was able to defend a fellow union member from losing his job.
Because I can, so why not?
Akidah personifies someone who has a heart for volunteering works, as she often avails herself whenever situations call for it. Read on to find out more about Akidah, on what Young NTUC means to her, why she joined SUBE and what her job in the media industry is like!
Team Young NTUC
Team Young NTUC brings together youths of similar interests and causes. Youths come together as affinity groups to lead initiatives which they are passionate about. From environmental issues, animal welfare, volunteering to performing arts, we help our members make a difference to themselves and the society.
An entrepreneur with strong conviction to build ecosystems that help others
“As a Career Guide with Young NTUC, my biggest takeaway from my mentees is the realisation that everyone needs to be savvy or learn to be savvy in order to stand out and get noticed from the crowd." Read on to find out what inspired Andrew Tan, Country Manager, Wantedly Singapore to step forward.
The Youth Career Network Widens Its Reach
Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network continues to grow in strength while benefitting youths and its volunteer career guides as well.
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