Todo Todo Skills Marketplace 2019 @ Central Singapore
Todo Todo Skills Marketplace is back with exciting career programmes lined up! Pick up a new skill or hear the latest developments of the Financial Services, ICT, Logistics and Retail sectors. Remember to dress to impress as our employers will be talent spotting on-site!

Bugis Plus, Atrium, Level 2
Income Eco Run 2019
Sign up now for Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run which champions environmental conservation. Play your part in supporting the cause and join us to run towards zero waste.

F1 Pit Building
Young NTUC - North East CDC Project Refresh @ Tampines
With the festive season just round the corner, join us in spring cleaning the homes of seniors staying in Tampines.

Tampines Area
LIT <Learning Is Triggered>
Our knowledge and skills are not things we learn only in the past. They are, in fact, the foundation for what is to be created in the future.

Todo Todo
Initiated in 2017, Todo Todo is an all-encompassing support for youths jointly initiated by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and People's Association (PA) for youth to better navigate their career journey.

Young NTUC U Heart
Young NTUC U Heart, held in collaboration with NTUC Income aims to leave a deeper, lasting impact on the lives of diverse group of beneficiaries through a series of youth self-initiated do-good projects. We hope to encourage youth to organise more skills-based volunteering projects.

Youth Career Network
Initiated by Young NTUC, the Youth Career Network is a support network consisting of volunteer career coaches and career guides, who come together with a common desire to pay it forward.