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U Heart 2019 is back in its 4th edition!

Young NTUC U Heart, held in collaboration with NTUC Income aims to leave a deeper, lasting impact on the lives of diverse group of beneficiaries through a series of youth self-initiated do-good projects. We hope to encourage youth to organise more skills-based volunteering projects. A first dollar funding of $1000 will be provided for projects that are approved and held during the U Heart 2019 period.

How can you be involved?

Initiate your ideas with support from U Heart funding and take action by rallying your peers to participate in do-good projects!

Who are the beneficiaries that you can plan a volunteering project for?


If you are planning to organise a skills-based volunteering project, here are some of the sample projects:


Have an idea to ignite positive change in the community? We want to support you! Speak to us at to find out more. Applications is open till Dec 2019.


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