Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra

The Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to present《团圆庆元宵 | Reunion》as we reunite to celebrate the Chinese New Year festivities once again with everyone.  

Held one day before 元宵节, they are honoured to have 陈建彬, 周筱宛 and 皓皓 to share the stage. Come along with your families for a night of familiar tunes such as 春天里, 夜来香, 富貴花開迎新年, 愛江山更愛美人, 恭喜恭喜 and more! Tickets are available here. Key promo code ACSONTUC2 for a 10% OFF ticket prices $108 and $48!

Terms and Conditions


Once tickets are sold, there is strictly no refund.

Camera without flash, video recording and audio recording are allowed.

All patrons regardless of age are required to present a valid ticket for admission.

Patrons are required to follow all house rules and regulations set out by the venue. 
Conditions of Entry

From 10 October 2022, VDS will no longer be required for events with more than 500 participants at any one time.

Wearing masks during the show is optional.

Promotion Period
Valid until 4 February 2023