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In this economic climate, should I accept a lower pay?
While fresh graduates should always base their career decisions on their particular circumstances, it’s possible to take advantage of interim work while waiting for the job you want at the same time. Bottom line? Know what your options are to make informed career decisions.
Debunking Myths of Mental Health at Work
Given the right conditions, work can be good for our mental health. But if the environment is negative, it can result to several mental health problems. There are different work situations that can contribute to mental health problems. Here are some of the common ones you should be aware of.
Is an internship that important?
You might think that internship is not a good thing considering that most available opportunities are unpaid. But before you finalize your thoughts about internships, we want you to know its importance.
Project Refresh: Volunteers Spread Goodness for the Christmas Season
‘Tis the season to be jolly and organisers of Project Refresh made sure that hundreds of seniors and low-income families got a hearty dose of that festive cheer.
12 Ways to Celebrate in the True Spirit of Christmas
This year, we give you 12 ideas (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas) on how you can celebrate the season sharing the true spirit of the occasion.
Young NTUC Career Guides Share How Singapore Workers Can Succeed Abroad
Living and working abroad has become increasingly popular. According to the United Nations, there were some 258 million international migrants worldwide in 2017. 2 career guides shared their perspectives on working in the region and how youths can better prepare themselves for the experience.
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Workplace Bullying: Your Options on How to Handle It
As a fresh graduate who is soon to start your career or a young working professional, you might hear horror stories regarding workplace bullying or even experience certain signs of it yourself. Find out what are the options available to help you deal with it.
Steps to Coping with Anxieties and Stress at the Workplace
In today's hectic world, the workplace can be an emotional roller coaster. Long hours, tight deadlines and ever-increasing demands can leave you feeling worried, drained and overwhelmed. Here are some tips and resources to help manage workplace anxiety and stress.
Sustainable Citizens: The Future of Work is Green
As Singapore moves towards a sustainable future driven by technological innovation and strong policies, the green industry is expected to generate thousands of jobs over the next decade. Leverage these and be part of the green future.
Competing with a Global Pool of Talent: How to Set Yourself Apart
COVID-19 has brought about the new normal of working from home, blurring the geographical boundaries of work, resulting in greater access to a global pool of talents. How do you set yourself apart from seasoned candidates from other countries?
4 Ways to Become a Part of Singapore's Booming FinTech Sector
Want a dynamic and fast-paced career that combines both finance and tech? Look no further than the exciting world of fintech. As one of the fastest growing sectors in Singapore, fintech applies to many different areas, whether it is B2B, B2C, or C2C transactions. Find out how you can be a part of it
5 Helpful Tips To Work Your Way Out of Debt
One of the first steps to begin resolving your mounting debt is to realise and acknowledge that you are facing a rolling debt issue. Once you’ve accomplished that and evaluated the level of debt you’re in, consider half the job done. Here are five helpful tips to help you reduce debt
Up Close & Personal
Embodying the Singapore Spirit
What does the Singapore Spirit means to our SGUnited Traineeship Trainees? Resilience, adaptability and helping one another through tough times are some of the mentions, by our young workers. Their tenacity, will-power hard work and talent have earned them permanent job offers. Read more
What it means to be a worker for workers?
The slogan of #everyworkermatters is the main driving force behind the work that NTUC does for the workers. So what does it mean be a worker for workers? Here’s the take from the “youngest” (in terms of tenure) colleagues in Young NTUC.
Why Should Fresh Graduates Take Up Traineeships?
Since Johanna started her traineeship three months ago, she has picked up many relevant skills and gained valuable industry experience. Read more about her story and find out how every fresh graduate can be like Johanna and why you should consider taking a traineeship!
A Cashless Society: How Far Has Singapore Come?
The pandemic has made consumers and businesses to adopt e-payments more than usual. Find out from Mr Ricky Lim, Group CEO & MD at NETS, explains how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behaviours and where does Singapore stand today in becoming a cashless society.
Why your employees' mental wellness matters more than ever
There has been much conversation about remote working and how it impacts employees’ work-life balance and mental health. Find out what companies like Temasek International has put in place to take care of their employees’ mental well-being.
Uncertainty as opportunity: staying relevant in tomorrow's job market
“Technology or AI will never be able to replace humans. Rather, they will augment us—and if you're prepared to learn, you can actually capture many, many opportunities”. Read to find out what Mr Seah Chin Siong shared at LIT DISCOvery 2020.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Flying the NTUC Flag High
Reza was nominated by Young NTUC to be a part of the NTUC contingent for National Day Parade 2019 and 2021. He recounted that both experiences were unique and truly humbling. Beyond NDP, he is also committed to be a pillar of support for SATSWU workers and members. Find out more.
What would you do for the love of Singapore?
Even as we celebrated Singapore's 56th birthday in a scaled down parade, we stand strong as one people. Find out what it means to our Young Union Leaders to do their part for the love of Singapore.
Every (Young) Worker Matters Because...
As we mark 60 years of Labour Movement since NTUC’s founding on 6 September 1961, we look ahead to see how our young workers matter in shaping the future of our workforce through an honest introspection with our young union leaders.
Young Activists
There is No "Love at First Sight"
Daniel Tan, a Career Guide with Young NTUC offers a sensible reality check for first-jobbers or fresh graduates who are starting to find their footing at work."Many people didn’t just find a job that they love right from start. Focus on landing the job first but keep and open mind."
Seeing the World with the Singapore's Can-Do Spirit
As a Career Guide and a youth himself, Nicholas Lim believes that one should never be defined by what they studied, "We can bring a fresh pair of of lens to the organisation and help them to reinvent new methods to age-old problems." Read more about Nicholas' story on how he managed to successfully
Transforming Education through Technology and Humanity
“More than machinery, we need humanity.”For Kelly Chen, founder of Snapask, an education technology (EdTech) company, the famous line from screen icon Charlie Chaplin, echoes her belief on an important trait to have in the technological world we live in today.