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Project Refresh: Volunteers Spread Goodness for the Christmas Season
‘Tis the season to be jolly and organisers of Project Refresh made sure that hundreds of seniors and low-income families got a hearty dose of that festive cheer.
12 Ways to Celebrate in the True Spirit of Christmas
This year, we give you 12 ideas (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas) on how you can celebrate the season sharing the true spirit of the occasion.
Young NTUC Career Guides Share How Singapore Workers Can Succeed Abroad
Living and working abroad has become increasingly popular. According to the United Nations, there were some 258 million international migrants worldwide in 2017. 2 career guides shared their perspectives on working in the region and how youths can better prepare themselves for the experience.
Learning Journey: Takeaways from Circles.Life
Young, imaginative, driven – this sums up Asia’s first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). A fully digital telco and consumer company, the Singapore-based Circles.Life created a buzz among the Young NTUC crowd. What are the takeaways from them?
Help! I'm in a Toxic Work Relationship
Like a toxic friendship or romance, a toxic work relationship can drain you and leave you feeling short-changed. Here are some ways to manage a toxic work relationship so it will not bring you or your career down.
Singapore: FinTech Industry Continues to Hire Amidst Global Uncertainties
The FinTech industry in Singapore is standing healthy and poised for further growth, reveals a FinTech Talent Survey.
Live & Learn
10 Ways to Stay Safe While Travelling Solo
Solo sojourns are certainly a cinch and they can be safe, too, if you follow these guidelines.
Here Are 5 Ways to Manage Your Gen X Team
Your working relationship with your Gen X subordinate need not be awkward or awful. We tell you how you can be a Millennial Boss to your Gen X colleague.
5 Ways to Set Boundaries for Your Workaholic Boss
You want to be considered every inch the dedicated worker that you are. Yet, working for and working like your workaholic boss can be a strain on body and soul. What is to be done? We give you tips on how to set boundaries without jeopardising your career.
A Millennial’s First Home
Read on to know more about affording a HDB flat or executive condominium, both which millennials like yourself are more likely to purchase for their first homes!
10 Ways to Stay (Mentally) Strong
Of those stressed in Singapore, more than 1 in 10 say they cannot manage their stress. All this mental and emotional strain have taken their toll. It is clear we need to take care better of ourselves, beginning with our minds.
Smart Nation: How to protect your online identity
While many of the online processes in Singapore are now seamless and safer than in the past, the risk of identity fraud still remains, hence extra effort should be made to protect your identity on the internet.
Up Close & Personal
Balli Kaur Jaswal: Singapore Girl, Social Commentator, Acclaimed Author of Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows
For a Little Red Dot, Singapore has not been in short supply of literary heavyweights. Local author Balli Kaur Jaswal, 35, however, is that rarity among them, having earned not just literary recognition but also international commercial success
Goni Room – Where One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Cash
Meet 24-year-old Soufi A’aliyah and 33-year-old Afiq Ayub. The Millennials are unlikely successors of the karung guni men. Just this year, they started a local collective called Goni Room, reviving the recycling efforts from Singapore’s past.
The Double Life of a Civil Servant and Student - Reeve’s Story
When asked about his motive on a lifelong learning journey, he said, “I believe it is important for one to keep abreast with new information, technologies that will keep your mind sharp.”
The Life Of A Male Nurse – Jovin’s Story
Typically, the public sees doctors as the figures representing the medical world, but not much is known about the nursing profession.
Realizing His Potential As An Investment Banker - Xianjie’s Story
Investment banker Boey Xianjie has had a few achievements in his career, but beneath his poised fa├žade is a man who has been mired in self-doubt all his life.
Bringing Artistic Visions To Life: Donovan's Story
When he first started his career as a designer, Donovan Tan thought that it would be cool to create the next big thing in design.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Meaningful Pursuits
It is heartwarming to see and know that there are many young individuals out there who appreciate the need for unions, says 31-year-old April Tan.
Broadening Horizons
HSEU-SNEC branch secretary Vincent Loke shares how his world has opened up to new experiences and perspectives after joining the Labour Movement.
Opening Up To New Experiences
“The most rewarding moments in this journey have been the ability to help union members…” – Lim Wen Sheng, 34
Young Activists
Made to Make a Difference
Every once in a while, a youth comes along who tosses every negative stereotype of that generation out of the window. Entitled? No. Narcistic? Never. Soft? Not even close. Instead, 22-year-old Leow Min Chon is thoughtful, altruistic and somewhat of a visionary.
Inspiring and Guiding Youths
Sharon Tan hopes to give back and inspire the next generation of marketers as a career guide with Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network.
Carving a Career in the Digital Space
Social media entrepreneur Smith Leong takes his work offline to help youths make sense of the evolving digital space.