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Singapore: FinTech Industry Continues to Hire Amidst Global Uncertainties
The FinTech industry in Singapore is standing healthy and poised for further growth, reveals a FinTech Talent Survey.
NTUC and PAP Youth Wings Get into the Bicentennial Spirit
Young NTUC and Young PAP members take part in an Amazing Race to celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial Year and foster stronger symbiotic ties.
When Youth Meets Experience
What happens when you put young union leaders and veteran unionists in a room? There’ll be bound to be a lot of experience sharing and learning new things.
Manila: Through The Eyes of Young Unionists
Some 42 young unionists now have a better appreciation of Singapore’s Labour Movement and our country’s role in regional development following an overseas visit to Manila, Philippines.
Great F&B Deals to Help You Keep Cost Down
Heard about the fantastic deals from NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam to help working people save on meals and beverages?
Getting To Know Surbana Jurong
Some young unionists learn about how technology and good labour-management relations are helping Singaporean urban and infrastructure development company Surbana Jurong stay competitive in the region.
Live & Learn
Are you spending too much on credit?
From 1 June 2019, Monetary Authority of Singapore implemented the Credit Limit Management Measure to help borrowers avoid accumulating excessive unsecured debts. What does this mean for you?
Millennials, how much do you know about credit?
If you intend to buy a car or a house, the most common option is to take up a credit loan from a bank or a financial institution. You might be wondering: What is credit?
5 Career Lessons for Youths from the People Who Have "Made It"
Our career shapes a large part of our lives, but it is almost never straightforward. So who better to learn how to navigate through our careers from the ones who have ‘made it’.
Mounting Debt – How to be Debt-Free
Having debts can be a frightening prospect as some debts can take on a high compound interest rate. But with patience, responsibility and deliberate action, you can trim your outstanding balances slowly and work your way to a debt-free future.
Credit Score Facts & Myths
Your credit score is a number used by banks and financial institutions as an indicator of how you are likely to repay your debts and the probability of going into default. Here are 5 of the most popular credit score myths that could give you a better idea of what you are in for.
The Various Types of Credit Facilities
Find out about the various types of commonly used credit facilities offered in Singapore and make better informed decisions on credit-related matters.
Up Close & Personal
The Double Life of a Civil Servant and Student - Reeve’s Story
When asked about his motive on a lifelong learning journey, he said, “I believe it is important for one to keep abreast with new information, technologies that will keep your mind sharp.”
The Life Of A Male Nurse – Jovin’s Story
Typically, the public sees doctors as the figures representing the medical world, but not much is known about the nursing profession.
Realizing His Potential As An Investment Banker - Xianjie’s Story
Investment banker Boey Xianjie has had a few achievements in his career, but beneath his poised fa├žade is a man who has been mired in self-doubt all his life.
Bringing Artistic Visions To Life: Donovan's Story
When he first started his career as a designer, Donovan Tan thought that it would be cool to create the next big thing in design.
Up Your Career in 2019
You’ll not want to miss the valuable tips and advice from these prominent experts from the business world.
SkinnyBlooms: Breaking Traditional Business Rules
Home-based florist Lenice Tan (@skinnyblooms) shares how she turned a passion into a career with Instagram.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Meaningful Pursuits
It is heartwarming to see and know that there are many young individuals out there who appreciate the need for unions, says 31-year-old April Tan.
Broadening Horizons
HSEU-SNEC branch secretary Vincent Loke shares how his world has opened up to new experiences and perspectives after joining the Labour Movement.
Opening Up To New Experiences
“The most rewarding moments in this journey have been the ability to help union members…” – Lim Wen Sheng, 34
Young Activists
Inspiring and Guiding Youths
Sharon Tan hopes to give back and inspire the next generation of marketers as a career guide with Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network.
Carving a Career in the Digital Space
Social media entrepreneur Smith Leong takes his work offline to help youths make sense of the evolving digital space.
Letting Their Actions Show They Care
For youth activists Goh Geng Ting and Ashley Lee, volunteerism has been their way of making a positive impact in the lives of others.