News & Opinions
Getting A Taste of Parliament
Young NTUC and Young PAP representatives get a better appreciation for what goes on before, during and after Parliament through role-playing.
Youths Converse with the President
As part of leadership development, some young unionists and Young NTUC activists share perspectives in an exclusive dialogue with Singapore President Halimah Yacob.
Learning Journey Takeaways
Some youths share their takeaways from recent visits to progressive technology companies.
Project Refresh: Making A Difference
More than 300 youth volunteers come together to bring a smile to less fortunate residents in Punggol North through Project Refresh.
LIT Xchange: Giving Youths a Head Start
Youths get a taste of the opportunities and learning resources available to them in preparation for a changing work environment.
LIT to Inspire and Inform Youths on the Future Work Landscape
There’s a whole month-long series of activities to help youths energise their budding careers.
Live & Learn
Getting Your Credit Score Back On Track
Having a good credit score should be a priority in managing your personal finance because the higher your score, the better your chances of getting the credit you need. So, do you know your credit score?
Factors to Consider Before Getting Your First Credit Card
Every credit card has an appealing set of benefits to convince you to apply for it — but before you sign up, find out what’s important to you in a credit card.
Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Debt
Getting out of debt involves more than just paying off a few credit cards. It means changing spending habits, learning how to budget, and much more.
Planning your finances for your Graduation Trip
You’ve finally graduated and made it! Here’s some useful steps that you can take to make your graduation trip the best time of your life.
Learn How Debt Affects Your Credit Score
Swiping cards may seem easy, but are you in control of your expenditures? Read on to learn more about how credit debts can affect your credit score.
Getting Jobs at Your Fingertips: Tips for Online Job Seeker
Does the comfort of finding online job openings also come with a guarantee that you will land your dream job easily? Unfortunately, no. Learn how to make your online job search more effective here.
Up Close & Personal
Changing Career Directions
What does it take to go from one industry to another that are as different as the sky and land? We hear ex-stewardess Alina Chong’s story on landing a new job in the cleaning sector.
What it Takes to Stay a Champ
Ahead of the biggest fight of his career, professional boxer Muhamad Ridhwan reveals the working side of life outside the ring.
Visual Shopping on the Go
Image search is fast gaining traction among online retailers and shoppers. Here’s the tech powering it.
A Closer Look at Sustainability Jobs
Did you know that there are some 100 new professional job functions sprouting up in the sustainability space? Eco-Business Managing Editor Jessica Cheam brings you the inside story.
The Young and Daring Siblings Behind A Poke Theory
There’s a new spirit sweeping across the city with youth taking more chances chasing their dreams and working hard to make them a reality. We chat with siblings Joey and Vannessa Lee to find out about their adventure in flavours through A Poke Theory (pronounced poh-kay).
Youths that Dare to Dream
Find out how two youths have gone all out to pursue their career dreams in setting up their very own hawker stalls.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Making it Work: Senior Staff Nurse and Unionist
Fiona Leong talks about learning and how serving the union has helped her mature in the workplace.
Building Confidence through Experience
Seah Keng Tia talks about how Young NTUC and UWPI have shaped him to be the person he is today.
Getting the Young Interested in Union Work
When you are young, excelling in your career and starting a family are the goals you go for. Young NTUC leader Muhammad Zuhaili has added another – union work.
Young Activists
The Youth Career Network Widens Its Reach
Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network continues to grow in strength while benefitting youths and its volunteer career guides as well.
It All Started With a Strike…
Digging deep into what makes Singapore’s labour landscape so unique and harmonious has led Ronnie Ang to having a close relationship with the Labour Movement.
Setting the Correct Compass On a Career
A Youth Career Network guide shares the ups and downs, ins and outs of his 10-year career journey while helping youths through theirs.