18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Tackling Change, Challenges and Tough Choices
Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone – and our Career Guide Samir Murgude bears testimony to this. The HR professional has moved across the globe in pursuit of career opportunities that arose, some unexpectedly. There were rough patches but he embraces them like a boss.
There is No "Love at First Sight"
Daniel Tan, a Career Guide with Young NTUC offers a sensible reality check for first-jobbers or fresh graduates who are starting to find their footing at work."Many people didn’t just find a job that they love right from start. Focus on landing the job first but keep and open mind."
Seeing the World with the Singapore's Can-Do Spirit
As a Career Guide and a youth himself, Nicholas Lim believes that one should never be defined by what they studied, "We can bring a fresh pair of of lens to the organisation and help them to reinvent new methods to age-old problems." Read more about Nicholas' story on how he managed to successfully
Transforming Education through Technology and Humanity
“More than machinery, we need humanity.”For Kelly Chen, founder of Snapask, an education technology (EdTech) company, the famous line from screen icon Charlie Chaplin, echoes her belief on an important trait to have in the technological world we live in today.
Unlocking the Opportunity for Change
Chia Chee Yong - The Vice President of Digital Ecosystem Partnership at a reputable bank, took up a new role in the FinTech sector and has since grown from strength to strength in his career. Find out how he did it to overcome the challenges.
Like A Boss
As a Career Guide of Young NTUC, Vikneshvaran provides mentorship for youths looking at developing a career in business consulting. When asked how one can excel in his or her career? Taking a leaf out of his own experience, Viknesh highlights the importance of “thinking like a boss"