18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Unlocking the Opportunity for Change
Chia Chee Yong - The Vice President of Digital Ecosystem Partnership at a reputable bank, took up a new role in the FinTech sector and has since grown from strength to strength in his career. Find out how he did it to overcome the challenges.
Like A Boss
As a Career Guide of Young NTUC, Vikneshvaran provides mentorship for youths looking at developing a career in business consulting. When asked how one can excel in his or her career? Taking a leaf out of his own experience, Viknesh highlights the importance of “thinking like a boss"
Passion, Purpose, Pragmatism
From being involved with massive national projects to being a champion of sustainability by promoting green solutions as part of the building and infrastructure designs for clients, Gavin’s career has been nothing short of enriching. He shares his experiences for youths aspiring to be engineers.
The World of Data Analytics..Find out More!
Lee Wee Teck works as a Data Analyst in CARIUMA, an ecommerce company that takes pride in producing and selling shoes that are sustainably-made and eco-friendly. He strongly believes that one's success in life is due not only to one's own efforts but also dependent on the opportunities available.
Emerging Stronger in the Face of Adversity
Shermin was affected by COVID-19 and was retrenched from her job. It was a difficult period as she is also due to have a child. Her resiliency and dedication paid off eventually as she managed to secure a new job using her own networks and resources. Read on to find out about her story.
The Compassionate and Nurturing Counsellor
A school counsellor by profession, Sze Siong has been a Career Guide for 4 years. Given his background, he is able to understand and provide relevant advice and motivation for youths to excel in in their chosen fields. Find out how he helped youths make that successful transitions.