18.35 Activism - Young Activists
A Quest for Stage Confidence
"You may have the passion but you need the drive to push through and develop your interests."
Cheers To Selflessness
"Volunteering has always given me an immense sense of personal satisfaction and allows me to better appreciate the simple joys in life."
Act II : Groove To The Beat
"I looked at it as a form of enjoyment rather than a commitment. "
Thinking Out of the Pencil Box
"The realisation that they have so many pens and have thrown away countless pens which could possibly be reused with refills will drive home the point of recycling."
Seeking a Career in Sustainability Industry?
Jie Hui used to work with Forum for the Future, a leading international sustainability non-profit organisation that works with various sectors including private companies and governments for a more sustainable future. Read to find out more about the career options available in this industry.