18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Combining one’s love for volunteerism while preserving Singapore’s rich heritage
Entrepreneur and Team Young NTUC volunteer, Lynn Wong Yuqing hopes to be a social changemaker by combining her passion for preserving Singapore’s rich heritage with her big heart for helping others.
Finding a New Passion
One Youth Career Network (YCN) mentor was so inspired by guiding youths in their careers that she has taken up professional coach certification to be more effective in dispensing advice. Read more on Juliana Tay’s involvement with the programme.
Teacher, Mentor, Volunteer. One man, many hats, big heart
Teacher, mentor, volunteer with a big heart, Suhaimi Zainal Shah shares about what makes him tick and the fulfilment he gets from community service with Young NTUC’s Project Refresh, helping to improve the living environment of needy residents staying in rental units.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it
This gregarious, fun-loving magician has an extremely big heart for helping and inspiring others. “Hi, I’m Andy Lau from Hong Kong!” That was the introduction I got and I kinda expected my conversation with this guy to be an entertaining one.
Not quite your average Steph
If you think that this girl is the average twenty-something in Singapore, think again. We spoke to Stephanie Tay and here's what motivated her to do what she love today.
Work, Friendship and a Purposeful Life
A serious go-getter, Vera Soh is all about time management when it comes to juggling her career aspiratons alongside her numerous hobbies and union work.