18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Building A Better Singapore, One Step At A Time
One girl’s dream of making Singapore a better home for her family and hopefully, for our future generation too.
Spreading Positivity, One Step At A Time
“Whether we are happy or not, we still have live through each day, so why not make life as fulfilling as we can?”
The Urban Farmer
How many Singaporeans do you know who call themselves Urban Farmers? Here's one - Ms Tham Siang Yu. She is also the Secretary for Team Young NTUC 350 Singapore. Read to find out more about her and her involvement in the upcoming ASEAN Power Shift 2015.
Simplicity in the Fight for Climate Change
"Positive change can only come about if people stand in unity."
"I hope to tell people - You know what? We can do something."
Responsibility, Action and Education
“Realising we are in a superbly interconnected world, we as individuals are indirectly responsible for almost every environmental issue there is and hence we should and must be part of the solution,”