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There is No "Love at First Sight"

Forget about the romantic idea of falling in love at first sight. Drawing parallels with how many relationships developed, Daniel Tan, a Career Guide with Young NTUC offers a sensible reality check for first-jobbers or fresh graduates who are starting to find their footing at work.

“Sometimes, there is no such a thing as love at first sight. Many people didn’t just find a job that they love right from start. Sometimes, love happens later. More importantly, focus on landing the job first. Keep an open mind and let the passion develop. This was what happened to me in my career,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s decision to embark on financial advising as a career was a practical choice tapping on his aptitude. What started as a realistic pursuit soon became a career that Daniel embraces with passion. He found deep purpose in helping his clients plan their financial blueprint. “Unfortunately, my clients do fall sick and grow old. The realisation that I am doing something important and impactful dawned on me when I had to assist some clients make claims. The financial solutions that I had planned for them came in handy during times of their needs, and I’m glad to have made a real difference through my work.”

Having fun at work and in life is another motto that Daniel upholds. It is an important factor to keep us motivated – especially during unprecedented times such as the current pandemic which made working from home the default mode. Not seeing your colleagues much? That should not stop you from connecting with them, perhaps over a fun session of Houseparty or Kahoot during lunch time!

For Daniel, fun can be found in many ways. He encourages his mentees to have fun in the journey of designing their cover letter and CV. Long gone are the days of dull and basic templates. Having a fresh design can help job applicants showcase their personality and demonstrate their keenness for the job, thus increasing the likelihood of getting noticed by the hirers.

Practising what he preaches, Daniel makes it a point to do the things he enjoys. While he joked about becoming a Young NTUC mentor as a result of a random nomination by his alma mater Singapore Polytechnic, the energetic Career Guide takes a big interest in helping youths find their direction. Having dealt with challenges of making career choices himself, Daniel hopes to provide guidance to youths who may be facing the concerns similar to those he once had as a fresh graduate. The effective multi-tasker even finds time to play multiple roles, literally! If you thought he looks familiar, you could have seen him appearing on screen or advertisements through his occasional acting and modelling stints.

No matter where you are at in your career, you can use a little reminder from Daniel – seek and create fun in things you do and there will be no dull moment at work!