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Like A Boss
At 18 years old, Vikneshvaran (Viknesh in short) was weighing 130kg. It was excess baggage by nearly 100%, for someone who stands at a height of 1.83m. Motivated to get in shape and feel healthier, Viknesh embarked on a strict fitness regime that transformed his life. He lost over 50kg after 9 months. For the first time, after shedding his weight, Viknesh passed his IPPT with a silver and went on to become a Naval Combat Diver when he enlisted for his National Service shortly after.

The journey was life-changing for Viknesh in many ways. Beyond becoming healthier, he also gained an interest to share his experience and motivate others facing similar challenges to start on their fitness journey. This in turn, ignited Viknesh’s passion to mentor youths to gain their footing in life. “While doing fitness coaching for youths, it was natural that we got into conversations about their lives and education. What began as fitness coaching evolved into a more holistic mentorship which till today, I am very passionate about,” he said.

Currently a Senior Management Consultant with one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, and having had several years of coaching experience, Viknesh began volunteering with Young NTUC as a Career Guide last year amidst the pandemic. He provides mentorship for youths looking at developing a career in business consulting. When asked how one can maintain his or her passion at work, he said candidly, “It is about finding what gives you energy. For me, I need to do something that gets me excited. I like that my work gives me the opportunities to solve issues and problems through strategies that I developed. This gives me the energy to keep going.”

Now here comes the next big question – how exactly can one excel in his or her career? Taking a leaf out of his own experience, Viknesh highlights the importance of “thinking like a boss”. Working with the owner’s mindset gets one to think harder about decisions and solutions that will better the company’s growth and performance. It also helps keep one motivated and focused on value adding and creating impact in their careers.

The dynamic career guide noted how the youths today tend to take charge of their career development like a boss. “There is a positive trend that youths are putting in more thought about their career. It’s becoming a norm increasingly for young undergraduates or graduates to seek mentorship and this can be beneficial for them in building their career for the long run.”

Viknesh vividly recalls the immense satisfaction he feels every time he hears how his mentees achieve the goals that they have set out to attain. A mentee recently expressed her keenness in becoming a mentor like him, so she could help others too. Seeing how his involvement could impact someone inspires Viknesh to keep going at his mentorship, despite his heavy work schedule. With a fabulous level of feel-good energy, we are certain that Viknesh is an in
spiration to people around him too!