18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
A Spunky Leader Leading At Full Throttle
“I give not because I have much but because I know how it feels to have nothing.”
Fancy a Jamie Oliver?
Participants at a recent Grow Your Herb event organised by Young AUPE had the opportunity to visit an actual herb garden to choose the herb they wish to cultivate. Set up against a backdrop of being near nature, participants move away from the typical classroom setting to be near to nature.
Arts Jamming Party!
Young HDBSU got together for their very first Arts Jamming Party. Coupled with soothing music and a blank canvas, participants let their imagination flow and created their own masterpieces while strengthening the relations between members and non-members as well as amongst colleagues.
A Verve To Serve The Needy
“When it comes to volunteering, I am always up for it. Helping people not only make their day, but mine too.”
A Servant Leader Among Unsung Heroes
“I urge members to help others and get involved in the union. There is strength in unity and that should be the way forward.”
Soaring High In Flight And Solidarity
“We only live once, so make a wise decision and live every moment with no regrets.”