18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
For The First Time
A Joint Young BATU and Young CIEU event saw some 43 participants coming together for a day of trekking and cycling at Pulau Ubin. Brother Yaorong and Sister Irdawaty, young member of their unions, share their experiences attending their first joint union event.
Paintball Bringing Youths Together
Young UPAGE has always been coming up with new ideas for strengthening ties and bonding and the recently concluded paintball tournament was no exception! Joyce, one of the members of the youth organising committee, shares with us on her takeaways and challenges in making this event successful!
Pedalling To Sunrise
Go behind the scenes and find out how 3 Young HSEU committee members initiated and executed their first night cycling event.
Sea Of Opportunity
“To be a part of Young NTUC, one must be passionate and driven. All of us work towards representing young workers better.”
Ready To Leave An Impression
"I am driven to keep on learning as there is still so much to knowledge to acquire."
A Heart To Pay It Forward
"I would like to become a pillar of support for members who face difficulties at home or at work."