18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
The Friend We Want in Every Teacher
Generally, many of us perceive teachers to be all serious and straight-faced but Farahin breaks the stigma. She is fun to be with, enjoys Korean drama, loves to dance, and considers rolling her tongue a hidden talent. Spending time with her, makes you feel that you are with your genuine best friend.
A Little Empathy Goes A Long Way
Ted takes on many roles with the union. Besides being an observer in the HDBSU’s Executive Council, he is also the Chairman of Young HDBSU and the Secretary for HDBSU Sports and Social Secretariat. Read on to find out what motivates him the most throughout his union journey.
She values gender equality, legacy and goes above and beyond
Pravita works as the Assistant Station Manager at SMRT. She enjoys being the voice for others and Young NTUC has given her opportunities to help negotiate for a good bonus for her union as well as guide youths in their job-search journey. Read on to find out on her contributions.
The leader who finds great fulfillment in union work
It's always important to find meaning in what we do. It gives one the motivation to do more the next time. Find out how Yong Jun made positive impact in CIEU where he was able to defend a fellow union member from losing his job.
Because I can, so why not?
Akidah personifies someone who has a heart for volunteering works, as she often avails herself whenever situations call for it. Read on to find out more about Akidah, on what Young NTUC means to her, why she joined SUBE and what her job in the media industry is like!
The Leader With A Holistic Approach
Are ladies really bad driver? This month, we interviewed Singapore Industrial and Services Employees' Union (SISEU) Leader, Mohamad Izhardi Misram and we are happy to learn that this hearsay is pretty much a misconception!