18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
The leader who knows how to seize opportunities and make the best out of it
“One good way to take your career to the next level is to always strive to challenge the norms and seek to improve things positively, in this way we can gain new experience and venture in new direction with every step forward” Read more about Young Union Leader, Lee Yong Quan.
The Union Leader Who “Walks” the Talk
There’s a misconception that youths nowadays don’t prefer administrative work, but how true is this? This month, we interviewed Kris Chen, a Business Support in the Media Solution Division of Singapore Press Holdings who has been in this for 9 years.
A Malay Union Leader That Speaks Mandarin and Loves K-Pop
Zaid is a person that is full of surprises. He literally embodies Singapore’s cultural melting pot – born Malay, speaks mandarin and loves Korean pop.
Meaningful Pursuits
It is heartwarming to see and know that there are many young individuals out there who appreciate the need for unions, says 31-year-old April Tan.
Broadening Horizons
HSEU-SNEC branch secretary Vincent Loke shares how his world has opened up to new experiences and perspectives after joining the Labour Movement.
Opening Up To New Experiences
“The most rewarding moments in this journey have been the ability to help union members…” – Lim Wen Sheng, 34