18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Staying Connected to the Ground
Meet UTES youth activist Priyalata Pillay, who is one of the many voices behind the phone at Singtel taking care of your issues.
Not quite your average twenty-seven year old
You might think that Lau Kiat Hong is your average youth in Singapore but his big heart and dedication to union work might just surprise you.
Never Too Young to Care for the Old
We all have things we are passionate about. Young NTUC Activist Jason Sim tells us about his.
Serving with a Personal Touch
Young union leader, Timothy Lim shares about his challenges juggling time between work as an airline relations manager and union work. Find out what made him step forward to join the union and what motivates him to keep going.
Standing up for his colleagues, one at a time
From stepping up to help fellow colleagues during a workplace incident, Monteiro Mohamad Azhar Abdul Aziz unknowingly found himself involved with union work and it’s been a fulfilling journey ever since.
To be a better human being
Sheikh may be the youngest member in his branch in SIASU but he has no small heart. Despite being a playful student, he did good and found a way to contribute to society. Sheikh shares how he maintains his poise in the balancing act of life and the labour movement.