18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Building Blocks of Communities
Leon chanced upon and signed up for a Survivor camp which opened his eyes to the world of trade unions. He became a union member. From building community relations in HDB to raising the awareness of workplace issues, take a glimpse of what inspires Leon and what made him stay on in the union.
To chiong sua with the men
Brother Azri shares his experience both before joining the union when he was sailing the high seas and after joining the union. Azri also tells us his plans for the youths in his union and how he juggles his work-life commitments as a teacher, a union leader, a husband and a father.
Youths DO have aspirations
Multi-tasker Kevin Koh speaks about juggling his career goals, passion for bowling and serving the community through union work.
Accidental Adventure Made Good
Two years ago, Nuraini Zakaria was tasked into taking up union leadership but guess what? She has never looked back since.
Energizing, Motivating And Inspiring Through Youth Leadership
“I hope to be able to inspire the next union leader to follow in my footsteps to step up to the challenge.”
300 Youths, 1 Amazing Race
To celebrate Young NTUC's 10th anniversary and the nation's 50th birthday, 14 unions teamed up to organise the Young NTUC SG50 Amazing Race. During the race, besides having fun, participants also visited union offices and were reminded of trade unions’ contributions to Singapore’s development.