18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Young, Earnest and Enthusiastic
"It is meaningful to be able to share what the union does, allowing the youths to see how the union can relate to vastly different individuals."
Touching Hearts and Changing Lives
“It dawned upon me that such a simple gesture could impact others. Be it kind words, or extending a helping hand to the person in need.”
Beginning In The Union
"It is when they say “thank you for helping me” with a big happy smile that I feel the work is worth it."
Going The Extra Mile For Members
“The most important thing is to always do what is right, I have always believed that people witness what you are doing, and can testify for it.”
Once A Youth Leader, Always A Youth Leader
When his company filed for voluntary liquidation, Hasrul and his committee from CIEU fought for retrenchment benefits for employees. The next company he joined was UWPI-unionised where Seah Keng Tia is Branch Chairman. With Seah’s help, Hasrul was able to continue his activities in Young NTUC.
Service from the Heart, Serving with a Smile.
“I enjoy helping others, and serving in the Union seemed like a natural choice to me.”