18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
The New Kid On The Block

Not one to give up, Jerry He will keep on striving towards achieving a set target regardless of the number of attempts made and how long it takes. The ‘never-say-die’ attitude of the Customer Service Officer at MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd is accompanied by a reflective side that places importance on people. “I will help anyone as long as it is within my means and ability to do so…” Reflecting helps him to take stock, get to know family and friends and engage in empathic listening.

He is also an active person during his free time. If he is not studying for a part-time degree in Marketing and Management, he will be engaging in sports including basketball and yoga where he had developed skills in patience and teamwork.

These are traits characteristic of a volunteer in the union
The 31-year-old had just volunteered to join the Singapore Insurance Employees’ Union (SIEU) in August 2013. He had his colleague Sylvia Tan, ex-chairwoman of SIEU to thank for adding this bounce to his life. She had introduced the concept of a union and its workplace benefits to him. “In the beginning, I knew nothing about the union. The more union activities I attended, the more enjoyable it became.”

It was the positive and vibrant energy prevailing in Young SIEU meetings that had kept him going. As a newcomer, he had helped contribute ideas to raise the awareness of youths on union benefits.

He mused: “My experience in the union gave me a sense of fulfillment as I personally believe in continual learning. Knowledge can easily be found in books. But it is only through real-life experiences and listening to the encounters of others can true learning take place.” In every union activity he participates in; he knows that his plans, thoughts and actions are steered towards a better direction.

On his plans as a Young NTUC Committee member, he hopes to contribute more by enhancing his personal and knowledge development. One way would be to take externally conducted courses that are part of a leadership framework provided by Young NTUC. Referring to his personal experience, he aspires to fight for more educational funds to alleviate the financial concerns of the less fortunate, level the playing field and help them achieve their goals in a globally competitive workforce.

With interesting ideals, a constant pursuit of knowledge and the drive to excel, we can expect the unexpected from this jovial Samaritan who endeavours to improve the lives of others.