18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Because I can, so why not?

This month, we interviewed Nur Akidah Ramad, a Union Leader from Singapore Union of Broadcasting Employees (SUBE). Akidah works as a Programming Executive at MediaCorp Suria, where she schedules commercials and trailers revolving around local production and acquired content on the channel. Some of the recent contents that Akidah was in charge of include government commercials, such as the “COVID-19 hygiene precaution” video that we might be wellfamiliar with!

Akidah personifies someone who has a heart for volunteering works, as she often avails herself whenever situations call for it. One such happenings was when there was a call to distribute care packs at the Airport at 6am on a weekday morning before she headed to work!

We were curious what was her heart behind all these, and well, Akidah’s response was something so simple, yet inspiring.

“Because I can, so why not?”

Read on to find out more about Akidah, on what Young NTUC means to her, why she joined SUBE and what her job in the media industry is like!

1.    How long have you been working in MediaCorp Suria?

I have been working in MediaCorp Suria since February 2018. Prior to being a Programming Executive, I was also working in MediaCorp as a Digital Library Executive since November 2013. In that role, I helped to archive and digitize the tapes before the move from Caldecott to One North. As the digitization process for the tapes wrapped up, my role as the Digital Library Executive was dissolved as well, and it was then I was given the opportunity to interview for my current role!

2.    Do you miss your time as a Digital Library Executive, or do you prefer your current role as the Programming Executive?

Well... I would describe myself as an outgoing person, who loves to talk and engage with people. Being in the Digital Library back then gave me that opportunity to do that as the role also required me to liaise and help people who come over to get footages for their research.

My current role as a Programming Executive is definitely something out of my comfort zone, but I am a firm believer of always trying new things as it will prove to be a rewarding experience at the end of the day. Ultimately, I am very thankful for the opportunities given in this role.

3.    How much time in advance do you usually schedule a trailer? Do you also have to face last minutes changes often?

For Suria, the scheduling is normally done one day in advance. However, since we do not work on the weekend, Fridays are slightly busier than usual because we would need to close the schedules for Saturdays to Mondays. ! Work  could be quite repetitive at times. During certain special periods, like the recent circuit breaker,  Budget speeches and General Election news etc, we were only informed of new trailers just hours before! Just imagine one change to the trailer would affect the entire grid and re-shuffling work is needed, so yes, we do face last minutes changes on our job.

4.    What do you enjoy the most from your job?

I love the responsibilities of my job Getting to see my work on the national television is something that still thrills me today! Knowing the news first-hand beforemy family and peers does, is exciting! 

5.    Is there something interesting about your job or MediaCorp that others would not know about!

One interesting thing about my job that others might not know is  MediaCorp organizes a lot of events and volunteering initiatives at least once a month. Recently, there was a Reading Programme that I signed up for, to mentor kids on reading which I find it really interesting and fun! In fact, how I came to know about SUBE was also through a volunteering event I participated in at MediaCorp. I met like-minded people during the volunteering event, and I found out that some of them were in the union, I was curious to learn more about what they do, and that’s how I got introduced to SUBE. Being in SUBE has also given me the chance to help others in different ways.

6.    How long have you been volunteering at Young NTUC?

I have been volunteering for Young NTUC since 2018 and have had the opportunity to organise events to engage with youths from various unions!



7.    Do you have any tips or advice to fellow youths?

Try to get the most out of every opportunity! Take a bold step to venture out of your
comfort zone whenever possible as it will teach you things and prepare you for future scenarios. Even if you do make a mistake, just learn from it and move on!

Meeting people, talking and just getting to know them could also teach us things that we would otherwise not know about!

8.    Please complete this sentence “To me, Young NTUC is...”

To me, YNTUC connects me to a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to stepping forward to help one another.