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The Youth Career Network Widens Its Reach

Story and Photo by Jonathan Tan, LabourBeat

Young NTUC has been further growing its outreach to local universities and tertiary education institutions through a series of sector-based editions of the successful Youth Care Network (YCN).

Bite-sized Engagements

Unlike regular YCN engagements which see volunteer career guides from a wide breadth of industries and professions interact with youths, these sector-based YCN events provide a more focused engagement with in-depth sharing on specific industries.

Recent editions of this bite-sized format saw Young NTUC partner with the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). 

The first session was with SMU’s Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources Society to organise a Human Resource session. The curated mentorship session saw 38 youths interact with and gain perspectives from volunteer career guides specialising in human resource management and industrial relations. 

A second session saw Young NTUC support NTU’s Investment Interactive Club during their Singapore Financial Conference event. Focused on banking, finance and investment, the session attracted more than 60 participants who interacted with the YCN career guides specialising in finance. 

In support of efforts to operationalise the Government’s 23 Industry Transformation Maps, Young NTUC will be organising more of such sector-based career mentorship sessions to reach out to more youths.

Guides Benefit Too

Beyond helping youths get a better grasp of how to build a career in their industry of choice, YCN career guides have also been able to benefit from sharing their knowledge and experience. 

Here’s what two of them had to say:

“Being a part of the programme has allowed me to share more about what the job of an industrial relations officer is about. The experience was a very reflective one personally as I got to share my personal experiences with youths who have little idea what the job is about, and at the same time, broaden their minds to what the Labour Movement is all about.” - Fong Yoong Kheong, 31, NTUC industrial relations officer


“The experience in giving back has been fantastic. I feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my words and actions can inspire the younger generation and it pushes me to do more for society. I often advise the youths this: “you need to know who you are and what you stand for.” They can start with knowing the person they do not wish to become, or want to be associated with.” – Lee Keng Leong, 39, FairPrice On deputy director

Visit Young NTUC’s website to find out more about the upcoming YCN career mentorship sessions.