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Is working at an SME for me?

Many people think that because smaller companies have fewer employees, there’s little to no room for professional growth. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, most employees working in SMEs have faster progression. The reason being is that you are compelled to understand more processes and operations, considering that there are fewer employees.
For example, you got hired as an Account Executive. Expect that you may have more responsibilities, such as doing marketing or even handling sales. For others, this could be a disadvantage. But if you look at it, you get to learn more and have actual experience in the field, and this could be your leverage to get promotion faster. It’s not unusual to hear stories from SME employees getting promoted year after year.

Family – Oriented Culture  

Another advantage of working in an SME is that you get to enjoy close-knitted relationships with your colleagues. The management are generally more relaxed and knows everyone personally. It gives you that sense of belonging, and you feel valued.  

Offers Flexibility  

SMEs are generally more flexible in terms of work setup. Take for example what happened at the height of COVID-19. It was easier for smaller companies to decide on how their employees can work from home. This was more challenging for bigger corporations to implement given the logistics that they need to consider which could involve thousands of employees.  

Job Stability and Security 

Many people are discouraged from applying in SMEs because they have a misconception that it could not take care of the welfare of its employees. In reality, these companies are generous in terms of provision of benefits, including medical insurance, working hours, and even on remuneration.  

Knowing that most people still aim to work for MNCs, a lot of SMEs put in more effort to keep their valuable employees. They provide competitive, and for some companies may even offer higher salaries with additional benefits extended to family members.   

Consistent Hiring  

Most SMEs hire regularly as they always strive to expand their operations. You can always reach out to them on different platforms, including LinkedIn or directly send them an email.
Having your resume on their database is great because these SMEs would also often check their database first before posting a job online when there is an open position to fill.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the size of the company that matters. It’s about the culture and the growth you can get from it. So, we hope this article offered you some insights into the SME companies, and perhaps you are more open to it now.