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Kudos to you Trainees!
Trainees, YOU matter! To celebrate you for taking ownership of your career development and making your SGUnited Traineeship opportunity count, Young NTUC recently organised a ‘Let's T.R.E.A.T (THANK, RECOGNISE, ENCOURAGE & APPRECIATE OUR TRAINEES) campaign from 12 April – 5 May. It attracted close to 280 entries from employers, colleagues and supervisors, all eager to show their appreciation for these hardy youngsters! So impressive were these nominations that Young NTUC decided to reward the top 5, instead of top 3 nominations. Check out the 5 winning stories here.

Winners aside, there are other stirring stories that have moved us. Here are some of our favourites.

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1. Every day is a chance to learn

Trainee Jeanette, who is a Marketing and Outreach Executive at Singapore University of Social Sciences, impressed her supervisor Yeo Lay with her dedication and strong sense of responsibility to ensure she does quality work. “When she does not have the skills, she strives to learn on her own and does a wonderful job in delivering what is expected.” Yeo Lay praised her for being “creative and talented in many ways” and even shared some the writing and videos that Jeanette created for the university.

Daryl Neo from Omni-Plus System Pte Ltd credited Hou Xue and Wei Kun for their “voracious appetite for learning and improving themselves.” They joined during the company’s digital transformation phase. Being computer science trained, they had limited financial and accounting knowledge but immediately immersed themselves in the company's systems to better understand their business flow and how the data and systems interact with one another. The result? “A few of the programs written by them have been rolled out in the beta phase for day-to-day testing and are working well. The Management team is also using their automated reports for reference,” shared Daryl proudly. “They constantly challenge themselves to pick up new skills relevant for the task at hand so they can deliver quality work. I am honored to be able to work alongside them!” Wow, high praise indeed!

2. Supportive and fun team player

Although Puey Tiong’s original posting was to join the IT team at Care Corner Singapore, his supervisor, Thomas Tan, was pleasantly surprised that he has gone beyond expectations to take on various tasks, “which he does so very well”, added Thomas. These include handling the monthly billing submission and invoice reconciliation for all HQ IT expenses; End User IT Support (PC/peripherals, network & applications), including setup of PCs; and assisting with SalesForce project workshops and implementation activities. Thomas is also appreciative that Puey Tiong took time to engage with other colleagues throughout Care Corner, in order to better understand their needs and provide relevant advice. It has strengthened rapport between users and the IT team, said Thomas, who proudly shared a photo of Puey Tiong enjoying an outing with his colleagues.

3. Resilient and Creative

Joellen Koh’s original career plan to be an SIA girl was rudely interrupted when her training had to be suspended. Undeterred, her interest in the wedding industry led her to join wedding planner Knotz. Though her core duty was handling digital marketing, supervisor Evan Ong applauded Joellen for gamely taking up numerous challenging projects outside of her job scope. These include assisting in the takeover and refurbishment of a wedding venue space. Joellen even ended up modelling in a bridal style shoot, which took place at that very venue!

Nazirah Nasir was nominated by her boss Dave Wee from Ah Zi Design. “She is unafraid to take on a variety of projects, and to be an active problem solver together with us. She practices a level of flexibility and openness that is cherished within our team.” He cited the example of a regional client’s request to produce an extensive package of campaign collateral, from promotional videos to infographics, on short notice. “Nazirah was able to emerge at the helm of both concurrent projects, being the first to complete storyboarding, to answer promptly to feedback, and to offer time to create the standard templates that the others could effectively use to shave off project time spent.” So impressed was Dave, that he declared, “We have few who can produce both graphic design and video as well as her.” Truly impressive!

4. Super Proactive! (hands-up emoji)

Aloysius Lee joined KION South Asia Pte Ltd early this year. Despite not having any background in the logistics industry, his supervisor Abdul Aziz was touched by how keen he was to learn. Given a project that required data analysis, Aloysius was able to do it within a week. “He was so proactive that he even started to create his own version of the report. We were very impressed with his proposal, given the short time, and started using it. Within the span of a few weeks, he also prepared a training plan on how to generate the report he created, started training the staff and proposed the report directly to the customers. Now, his report is used as our standard template to our customers.”  

Finally, the greatest praise a boss could give a trainee is perhaps this: “A trainee in name, but takes actions like a brand owner.” At Life Elements Enterprise, Felicia Wu Huixuan’s job was to take charge of content creation. “She takes the initiative to try out and create a different content style. From photoshoot with props, human shoots, styled shoots, photo editing, video creation, gif creation, to illustrations, she owns the tasks she's doing and we need not worry at all about the quality of work produced,” raved her boss, Denise Lim, who has let Felicia lead over 10 product launch campaigns to date.

Another thing Denise loves about Felicia? Her proactive and selfless spirit. “She does not hesitate to pause her work to help her colleagues. From simple things such as clearing up a mess of dropped items, to helping to brainstorm solutions for work-related challenges, she has exhibited a stellar character through these acts.”

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Well done, trainees! You have shown resilience, creativity and a proactive attitude that has inspired your bosses, colleagues and us. You truly portray the never-say-die Singaporean spirit! We hope your amazing stories will alleviate the anxieties of 2021’s cohort, as well as encourage those who are considering a traineeship to take up the challenge. If you make the best out of a situation, you may be pleasantly surprised and receive the best outcomes you deserve.

The #LetsTREAT stories are a testimony of how our youths are a force to be reckoned with. Check out this treasured collection of close to 280 appreciation notes for the trainees of different companies (companies are arranged in alphabetical order): We hope it’ll inspire you to never give up in being the best versions of yourselves! 💯

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Look out for our upcoming story on trainees who impressed their bosses so much, that they’ve landed full-time offers!

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