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What does it mean to be environmentally friendly?

Given what's happening on the planet right now, we are glad that more and more people are becoming more eco-conscious in their actions.

If you are someone who wants to revisit your lifestyle for the better, then this post is perfect for you. We will provide some tips on how you can do your part for the environment. Remember, you don't have to make drastic changes, small steps can go a long way.

Revisit your resources every day

It's time to pause for a while and revisit your daily activities. What are the usual things you do every day? What can be changed to be more eco-friendly? How do you travel? Do you always take a cab or have you tried taking the train or bus? Being aware of your daily activities is the first step to living a greener life!

Conserve whenever possible

Think about simple acts like turning off appliances when not in use. Or maybe just walk if you need to travel in short distances. And yes, water! There are actually a number of ways you can do to conserve water. Of course, there's turning off the faucet or limiting shower time. You could even recycle the water you used for washing vegetables and fruits to water plants!

Patronize recycled products

We encourage everyone to support recycled products. Come to think of it, a recycled product has its own story to tell. Doesn't that make the product more interesting? Perhaps, look for products that use eco-friendly packaging as a lot of companies are using biodegradable packaging to save the planet. You can look out for those when you are out shopping!

Look for environment supporting groups

Technology allows us to easily communicate and exchange information with people that have the same interest as us. There are a lot of environmental groups that have an online presence, reach out to them and join their projects!

Share your passion

And lastly, share what you are doing to your friends and families. Some of them might feel that you are overreacting, but in the long run, they will realize the benefits of being more conscious about our environment.


You can use social media to amplify your advocacy. You would be surprised that some people within your social circle will be willing to follow your lead. Imagine if everyone does their little part, won’t our little Earth benefit greatly from it?