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Is an internship that important?

You might think that internship is not a good thing considering that most available opportunities are unpaid. And of course, we understand that you would rather spend your summer working for something that puts money in your pocket. But before you finalize your thoughts about internships, we want you to know its importance, especially if you are building a career.

Why go for an internship program?

You can apply your education in real-life

In school, we learn about all the theories and principles. These are all important but will not hold much value if you don't apply it. And as early as you can, you should be able to use it in real-life. That is why we recommend that you search for an applicable internship program. 

You get the experience

When you are already finished with University, the next step is to look for a job. With all the candidates a company will screen, how can you stand out? This is only possible if you had an internship. Employers will see that you have actual experience, and this can help them make a decision faster. They know that you will not be trained from scratch. They can save time and cost if they hire you.  

You expand your network 

During the internship program, you can already build connections. You get to know people working inside the company. When done correctly, you can even get recommendations from them. It's a good strategy but just make sure that you form a genuine and healthy working relationship.

You develop soft skills you can use for work
Another reason why you should consider an internship is that it can develop skills which you don't usually learn from school. These include proper communication, leadership skills, being a team player, time management, and even problem-solving techniques.


You can get professional tips

When you do internships, you are also likely to get advice from people already in the workforce. And you can use that to your advantage. To be honest, corporate life isn't exactly a walk in the park. You must get all the information that you can to be able to thrive and not just survive.

You get to know what you like or don't like

Internships are also a helpful experience to gauge what you want and don't want in your professional life. You get to observe and possibly identify improvements that you can propose in the future.

What if you want to get paid for an internship?

We understand where you are coming from. While there are companies that would gladly pay their interns, some offer it for no compensation. But you have to weigh options. Try to learn more about the company's culture and see if they can help you in the future, regardless if it is paid or not.

If you want to earn, then maybe you can do an internship during the academic year and work another paying job during summer. Another option is for you to work part-time and then do the internship for the rest of the week. It really depends on your priorities. But at the end of the day, you must find ways to have the right internship. It's really a huge leap for your career.