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4 Reasons to Get Excited About Learning

Story by Jonathan Tan, LabourBeat

Co-branded with technology company IBM, Young NTUC’s LIT Learning Circle builds upon the success of its LIT series by offering youths a curated line-up of talks and workshops. 

Besides the opportunity to learn about the necessary skills needed in today’s fast-changing work environment, participants will also get to participate in discussions, gain experience and build connections with fellow participants and guest speakers. 

We preview four ways the Learning Circle will make learning exciting. 

1. Learn Together

Trade ideas and share experiences with like-minded youth. Young NTUC’s monthly LIT Learning Circle sessions offer a platform where youths can learn together, share experiences and gain new insights from each other.


2. Get Trendy

From digital transformation to social media trends and the latest technology systems, each Learning Circle engagement is specially curated to give participants a greater awareness and perspective of trends happening in and around the workplace. 


3. Gain Real Skills

Prioritising quality over quantity, each Learning Circle session is kept small and is designed to be interactive. Through discussions, debates and presentations, participants will get to pick up valuable social skills for the workplace. 

4. Professional Insights

Gain valuable career tips and tricks as you listen in to first-hand experiences from thought leaders and corporate influencers. 


The upcoming Young NTUC LIT Learning Circle session in February 2019 will see Black Marketing CEO Chris Reed share 10 tips on how someone can build and enhance a personal brand online through social media platforms such as LinkedIn. 


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