Up Close & Personal
Bravely Stepping Up for Mental Wellness
She had depression at 10 and battled leukaemia in her 20’s. Yet found the drive and strength to develop a revolutionary app, Bravely, providing evidence-based approach to overcome mental wellness challenges. Meet the amazing Melissa Ng, a Singaporean who drew strength from her journey to help others
Meet the Youth Transforming Grocery Shopping at FairPrice’s Digital Business
What’s it like helping to shape the supermarket of the future? Here’s a peek into the journeys of two up-and-comers at FairPrice: Hannah Chan, Adoption Executive for Offline-to-Online Grocery, and Kenneth Wong, Business Process & Operations Manager at FairPrice Marketplace.
Embodying the Singapore Spirit
What does the Singapore Spirit means to our SGUnited Traineeship Trainees? Resilience, adaptability and helping one another through tough times are some of the mentions, by our young workers. Their tenacity, will-power hard work and talent have earned them permanent job offers. Read more
What it means to be a worker for workers?
The slogan of #everyworkermatters is the main driving force behind the work that NTUC does for the workers. So what does it mean be a worker for workers? Here’s the take from the “youngest” (in terms of tenure) colleagues in Young NTUC.
Why Should Fresh Graduates Take Up Traineeships?
Since Johanna started her traineeship three months ago, she has picked up many relevant skills and gained valuable industry experience. Read more about her story and find out how every fresh graduate can be like Johanna and why you should consider taking a traineeship!
A Cashless Society: How Far Has Singapore Come?
The pandemic has made consumers and businesses to adopt e-payments more than usual. Find out from Mr Ricky Lim, Group CEO & MD at NETS, explains how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behaviours and where does Singapore stand today in becoming a cashless society.