Up Close & Personal
From Trials to Triumph
Young NTUC CROSSROADS's speaker, Dennis Teo, a man schooled in hard knocks, shares with us his trials and triumphs.
Redefining Success, A Stitch at A Time
Ira Joseph shares with us how she survived on a tiny day-to-day budget due to a series of unfortunate events and eventually woven her way to became the successful owner of Quilts n Calicoes.
Power Of One
As a young pest controller, Thomas Fernandez almost died of pesticide poisoning from the harmful chemicals he was exposed to. The wake-up call made him determined to find safer ways of exterminating common pests. Read about his story here.
Bad Boy Makes Good, And Does Even Better
Read about Edwin Tan, our speaker for Young NTUC CROSSROADS, as he shares with us the crossroads in his life - from a teenage gang leader to a popular sushi chef today.