18.35 Activism - Young Activists
Impacting, Inspiring, Innovating
“I would think the greatest challenge can be divided up into three parts, admin, manpower and outreach,” Lastrina commented thoughtfully. It was the end of the two-day Singapore Power Shift workshop put together by Lastrina and her team – 350 Singapore and she was queried on the challenges her team had to overcome to put the event together. 350 Singapore was founded by Young NTUC in March 2010.

350 Singapore is also affiliated to the 350.org, which is building a global climate movement on top of coordinating online campaigns, grassroots organising, and mass public actions. The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 to below 350 parts per million.

Held from 12-13 July at the NTUC Building, the Singapore Power Shift Workshop aims to create awareness about climate change and the environment. Sharing her motivation to organise the Singapore Power Shift, Lastrina remarked that her own ‘eco-awakening’ happened in 2011 when she attended the World Leadership Conference, which also had a similar theme. “I actually joined the event in 2011 to gain more experience having studied marketing and human resource management – after that one led to another and now I am championing this cause for climate change,” quipped Lastrina.

The first of its kind, the Singapore Power Shift brought together about 50 participants from various parts of Asia including Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Lastrina hopes to achieve at least five good ideas brainstormed by the participants of the Singapore Power Shift for them to take home and implement in the community they are in.

Spotting renowned speakers from all over the globe, the Singapore Power Shift workshop saw them sharing knowledge on climate change, government policies, and several interactive activities such as the Fan Dance – in which participants do a dance to create more awareness about climate change, a pitching session where ideas are brainstormed, presented and assessed for viability. Participants were educated on the art of campaigning and what resources could be utilised to bring about the biggest impact in the communities they are in.

The workshop also had renowned former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, a long-time champion of the 350 Movement and a true blue climate activist inspiring the participants to do more. When asked what young people should do to convince political leaders to switch to renewable energy, he remarked with a smile, “Be one of them”.

It is therefore safe to say that not only did participants walked away with a larger knowledge bank after the event, they were also impacted by the various ideas shared by others in the workshop, inspired to innovate processes to better the climate and champion this cause for change.  A great feat by Lastrina and her team indeed!