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A Holiday with a difference!

“Now everyone, can I trouble you to bring your lunchboxes into the room as the next session will commence shortly!” Janvi’s cheery voice resounded in the room as she held onto her mike, spotting the iconic orange 350 Singapore t shirt.

Janvi, a 15 year old student, was the emcee and part of the organising committee for the 350 Singapore – Singapore Power Shift workshop. 350 Singapore was founded by Young NTUC in March 2010.  Held over two days, Janvi’s role as one of the organisers came purely by chance.

“My friend and I were deliberating what to do for the holidays, and we were looking for something meaningful to do when we were told of this workshop so we decided to sign up to help!” Janvi remarked with a grin when queried about how she eventually helped with putting this entire event together. The Singapore Power Shift brings together participants from various parts of Asia to Singapore for a two day workshop concerning climate change and the environment.

It was the first time that Janvi had organised such an event besides the ones usually held in school, and she felt that she gained more skills with regard to event organising on top of being more aware of climate change. “From this event I can see how professionally things are done, and done on such a big scale. These are skills that I can take away and apply them to other events that I will organise – be it in school or for Young NTUC, and I feel that I learned a lot while working with the other members of the team.”

Through the planning of the event Janvi also shared that she was inspired to also be more professional at school when she sees the professionalism involved in putting the event together,  and it motivates her to be ‘on top of things’ even in her daily work. Janvi also commented on how there are hopes to see a 350 club started in her school.

Besides being the emcee for the two day workshop, Janvi was also the instructor for the ‘Fan Dance’, created by 350 Singapore, where participants held a paper fan in their hand and completes an action of fanning which signifies how the earth is warming up. With her loud cheers and her jovial personality, most participants warmed up instantly and could be seen dancing enthusiastically throughout the session.

“I would definitely participate in something like this again, getting out of my comfort zone and getting to know different people from different parts of the world was a remarkable experience,” remarked Janvi on asked if she would take up the challenge again for organising such an event.

Janvi, like many others, did  not know that much about climate change until they attended the Singapore Power Shift, for most of them, it was an eye opener as the speakers share about what is happening around the world and what everyone can do to help.

On her ending note, Janvi hopes to continue to give back, volunteer and help whenever help is required of her and walks away from this event inspired, motivated and encouraged.