18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
A Towering Steward Of The Union

The first thing many people notice about Eugene Lim is his height. Towering over the average Singaporean, the Sales and Marketing Senior Executive at the Changi Beach Club stood out from the crowd when he agreed to fill a vacancy in his branch 6 years ago after a fellow representative had resigned from the company.

As a steward of the union, the 34-year-old EXCO member of the Singapore Manual and Mercantile Workers’ Union (SMMWU) had been immersed in union work from the day he joined. “I soon realised the importance of the union when our branch had a dispute with the management on working hours. The union stepped in and helped us,” he pointed out.

Combining relationships with understanding, he conducts himself like a true steward by being accountable for that which he has been entrusted with. He would usually consult his colleagues and reflect any workplace concerns during union-management negotiations in occasions such as the Collective Agreement.

Eugene’s sunny disposition brightens the lives of members while adding more joy to his own. The union events he had participated in have helped him realise the importance of giving.
Being a part of SMMWU’s social committee, he particularly recalled taking part in interactive activities with members, one of which was a trip to a durian plantation in Malaysia. He had relished the opportunity to be able to bond with members over delicious durian.

A love for both indoor (chess) and outdoor (diving) activities also helped the well-rounded youth rep and chairman of Young SMMWU (or Genvibez) inject passionate vibes into members through interested-based events.

He remembered a night kite-flying session where SMMWU had collaborated with youth reps from other unions. “It initially felt like a daunting task to plan for such a large scale event but drawing on the strength and expertise of various leaders plus the support of Young NTUC, the event turned out to be a success.”

Leading the chorus, the chairman of Genvibez said: “I believe that youths can excel today and in the future by cultivating a second skill as mentioned by Brother Patrick Tay in parliament.” This will help PMEs retain resilience to economic changes and attain a fulfilment of their aspiration(s).

With willing hands and a heart to serve, this do-gooder has found the antidote to living. While mishaps can lead to opportunities, good things can fall apart to make way for better things. “Anything that happened will eventually make sense to us one day, so we should laugh through the confusion and know that everything happens for a reason.”