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Paintball Bringing Youths Together

“Young UPAGE has always been coming up with new ideas and this recent paintball event is yet another new initiative rolled out this year,” said Joyce, a member of the Youth Committee who assisted in organising the event. Considered to be an astounding success, the Young Union for Power and Gas Employees (UPAGE) recently organised a paintball tournament which saw some 75 participants taking away an invaluable experience.

After a previous successful Futsal Tournament in 2009, Young UPAGE looked to continue to strengthen the bonds amongst members. And since then, many other events including movie screening and bowling were organised for the very same purpose. The Young UPAGE Paintball 2014 was no exception.  

“It was great to be able to see the members enjoying themselves and getting together through the event. In addition, the management also sponsored the teams to take part; this further showcased the strong support we receive.” Joyce commented when queried about her biggest take away for the event. Although every event comes fraught with their challenges, Young UPAGE sought to overcome them and learn through the process. “We are hoping to work with our Executive Council to include prizes to recognise the winners’ good strategies and teamwork the next time we organise such events,” after receiving feedback on the event.

Seeing how the members came together to brainstorm and strategise for the games to outwit the other teams were one of the many interesting developments witnessed during the event. “After this event, we are also thinking about how to engage members in general, seniors as well as children including the youths. We feel that this would foster more bonding amongst the members, some ideas conjured include a cooking competition!” Joyce expressed with enthusiasm when sharing about the plans for the near future.

The efforts to expand the youth chapter for Young UPAGE also bore fruit this term with the launching of the Young UPAGE Community, UPAGE U Family and also UPAGE Live Chapter earlier this year. Coinciding with Singapore turning 50 next year, UPAGE will also be turning 20 and Young UPAGE looks forward to play a significant role in making the celebrations interesting and memorable.