18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Stepping Up with a Heart

“Earn your successes based on your services to others, not at the expense of others,” is Ahmed Ansari’s firm belief in journeying through life and although Ansari’s cheerful, outgoing and friendly nature does not remind you of a young unionist straightaway, his passion and zeal in serving the union shines through as he spoke.

 “I have always been a strong supporter and a die-hard member of the union ever since I started working. It was only in 2012 however, that I stepped up to the challenge of undertaking the role of branch chairman in my union branch committee.” Ansari’s decision to take on the position came at a time when half of the members in the committee have decided to leave the company, and as daunting as it might seem, Ansari felt the need to rise up to the occasion.

Ansari credits being able to do so because of the support given by his branch members, who in turn he hopes to serve to the fullest of his capacity. “Being a unionist gave me many opportunities to interact with and work with many other union leaders, the exposure helped groom me to be a better leader.”

Since taking on this position, Ansari comments that he feels extremely blessed that there had been no major challenges in his union life. With that being said, his strategy to overcoming any challenges would be to remain focused and to counter each problem with a positive attitude.

After his recent election into the Executive Committee, Ansari pledges his commitment to his members and the other union leaders whom have given him an opportunity to give back, “Given the chance, I hope to serve the members and the union for as long as I possibly can.” As branch chairman of Young United Workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries (yUWEEI), Ansari has always kept his members close to his heart.

He shares that the dreams he has for his members is a balanced and better work life for all. He also perseveres in changing the negative notion one might have of the union. “A union is not only about linkpoints, rebates and insurance. Sure, there is that aspect, but it is also about having fair treatment and justice for all workers at large,” Ansari quipped with determination in his voice.

On his journey as a unionist thus far, Ansari has had eye opening experiences putting together major events, down to attending to the concerns of his members and working with other union leaders. “This journey so far has showed me humility and heart as a person, it enlarged my horizons and despite the differences we all unionists might share, a common goal keeps us focused and together, and to me, that is success.”