18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
A Sense Of Satisfaction From Helping Others


It was outside a nursing shop at Pearl Centre when Iskandar chanced upon one of his members and listened to her distress.

“Ever since her father suffered a mild stroke, it affected his ability to walk properly and eventually his ability to work, I can see her distress clearly as she shared her situation with me. I promised her at that point that I would help her source for affordable wheelchairs for her father to help ease the financial burden. I also shared with her avenues the union can help for financial assistance.” Iskandar commented when recalling the conversation that started Iskandar searching for affordable wheelchairs for his member’s father.  This was when Iskandar came across another member who had an unused wheelchair in his search and donated it to the member in need.

In his five years of being in the union, meeting the needs of his members when it arises has become the inspiration for Iskandar to press forward.  He felt this especially so when he was elected to be one of the union’s committee members and it fuelled his desire to serve his members.

“It is a warm and fuzzy feeling coupled with a sense of satisfaction whenever I see my members smile and expressing their gratitude when they see my heart to help them. And although the action might be small, but I am sure it made a world of a difference to their circumstances, and that’s most important.”

Iskandar also shares how he felt after joining Young NTUC and tapping on the various resources available to grow Young HSEU, “I felt rejuvenated with all the new ideas, and a much clearer sense of direction that I can work on, it helps me become steadfast in my purpose.” This was vastly different prior to joining Young NTUC where now, a new cove of new ideas on engaging the members await him.

Besides serving his members by meeting their needs, Iskandar is also part of the youth wing of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU) and this year the Young HSEU has many exciting activities lined up.

Some of these include a ‘Date Night’ where single participants get to mingle and know each other! The ‘Date Night’ idea stems from the hectic work schedule of their members and sometimes one can forget to take a breather and socialise. Hence, this is a platform in which single members can mingle and perhaps even find their future spouse!

And one definitely cannot miss Young HSEU’s annual Paintball event! The event not only engages the members but also helps to foster team bonding which in turn enhances the rapport amongst members and encourage cohesion.

“Through these events, one can also come to understand the strengths and weaknesses each other have. This would mean that as a team we can harness the strengths and better our weaknesses,” quipped Iskandar.