18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
A Baking Affair

Jointly organised by the youth chapters of Chemical Industries Employees’ Union (yCIEU) and  Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (yHSEU), and wittily named, “A Baking Affair – Mass or Mess?” is a joint union event as part of efforts to engage young branch officials and members who share a common interest.

“I had great fun at the baking session. There was a lot of engagement and everyone enjoyed the process. It (the event) helped me realise that we have the potential to organise all kinds of events.” Yaorong of Young CIEU sharing his sentiments about the event. He adds that although CIEU is a male dominated industry, events that are not entirely sports related could also be enjoyable.

Held at Jia Lei Confectionery, these 28 aspiring bakers spent the day learning how to bake a variety of cakes.  Participants were given 3 recipes and taught to bake the coffee sponge cake first; they also were able to decorate their tiramisu cakes and carrot cupcakes at the conclusion of the event. All in all, fun and laughter filled the air throughout the session.

“We not only came to realise that baking was indeed very tough, but it also required a lot of patience throughout the baking process, a plus point on top of bringing delicious cakes home was getting to know more about each other and we definitely grew closer after!” quipped Hasrul from yCIEU who was part of the organising committee for the event. He also shared about how the event provided the platform to widen his circle of friends with him getting to know more like-minded youths.

Not only a good way to help build relationships between two unions, it also brought together members from different sectors. Hasrul looks forward to more joint events with other youth chapters and the success of this event inspired him to continue pressing forward.

Also part of the organising committee for the event, Noorazlin from yHSEU has this to share, “It was good that members of the different unions can come together to interact and socialise with each other, we are definitely looking at future collaboration opportunities with yCIEU for other activities!”

Looking at various activities in the near future for 2015, both yCIEU and yHSEU have a pipeline of activities lined up, and in the words of Yaorong, “With RUN350 coming up in April next year, we hope to use sports to continue engaging our members and spread awareness about increasing environmental issues. These concerns are close to many of our hearts and impacts not only Singapore but the rest of the world. As youths and the next generation, it is paramount that we take it upon ourselves to leave a healthy Mother Earth for those after us. ” he commented with a wide beam.