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Arts Jamming Party!

Refreshing, engaging, relaxing – these are some words used to describe the Young Housing Development Board Staff Union (HDBSU) first Arts Jamming Party held on the 23 May 2014. Some 19 participants had the opportunity to develop art and express creativity in the vast, verdant flora and fauna of Istana Park. Arts Jamming at My Art Space was also located in the middle of town, providing participants the opportunity to view the hustle bustle of town from different perspectives.

“I find it great that the event was on a Friday as it is more relaxing knowing that the weekend is ahead,” commended Mr Tai Hong Yang, a non-union member participating for the first time in Young HDBSU events. “It was a refreshing and engaging event organised by the Union for us to take our minds off work for a while”, in response to how the event went about overall. Participants also tuned into nice soothing music during the session that invokes their imagination and creativity to create their own masterpiece.

Not simply another Art Jamming session, the event served as a bridge between members and non-members of the union and presented a more informal way of building relationships with non-members. Many participants also expressed their appreciation to the committee and suggested it to be part of an annual event for the Young HDBSU. Participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the idea of being able to express themselves creatively without any perimeters was well taken when the participants completed their beautiful designs and paintings.

The interaction between colleagues outside of work in a more casual capacity was also well received. More relationships were forged and strengthened amongst the staff of HDBSU and this being the first time it is organised in such a manner, the feedback received was encouraging.

“Art jamming is suitable for staff of all ages and the best part is you need not be artistically inclined to enjoy it. Having the event offered to non-union members served as a nice touch to connect with them,” continued Mr Tai Hong Yang, while reviewing his takeaway for the event. This indeed is a vote of confidence for Young HDBSU as they endeavour to embark on more such events in the future.