18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Going The Extra Mile For Members


Alan has always held a strong belief for transparency; more information can shed light on situations and allow others to make informed decisions. In 2010, the same belief drove Alan to stand for his first election for union delegate.

Since then Alan has been through three elections with the most recent one concluding last month, with him being appointed the General Treasurer (GT), governing the finance matters of the union.

Armed also with a heart for his members, Alan emphasises that the most important thing is to always do what is right. One of the many issues he had helped his fellow member overcome was the time when the company unjustly issued the member a warning letter. The warning letter was issued when the member wanted to make transport claims that the company had disagreed upon. At that point the member was undergoing tremendous stress and felt that the letter will affect his performance or even result in the termination of his employment.

Having seen the distress the member was going through, Alan sought out the employer of the member, gathered proof and helped made the case.  Eventually over the course of a few months of Alan engaging the employer. The employer withdrew the warning letter and allowed the employee to make the claims he was previously denied, even dating back prior to the issuance of the warning letter. This brought Alan a huge sense of satisfaction, as he knew his actions went a long way and made an impact in the life of another.

“I was really happy that he could keep his job, and at the same time clear his name. Having seen him work so hard for the company I felt the need to help him as much as I possibly can, it turned out definitely much better than expected!” Alan shared when recalling the incident.

Most of Alan’s union work currently consists of negotiating for better benefits for the members as well as providing advice. He also helped to co-ordinate and organise the recent Run 350.

When asked what his plans were looking ahead, Alan shares that there is a growing need to look for youths to join the Union to ensure the work has continuity and the passion is passed on to the next generation. This is also in light of many senior union members are planning to retire within the next few years.