18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Young, Earnest and Enthusiastic


It was only a year ago when Hui Hui joined the Education Services Union (ESU) having been motivated in wanting to play a bigger part in serving the members. Coupled with picking up leadership skills as she engages and organise various activities for the union members, Hui Hui shares her experiences thus far.

When asked what was the one event that she had learnt the most from, Hui Hui spoke of the Workplan Seminar she had attended in Taiwan – the insights she had gained from the seminar formed the foundation upon which she builds as she sees how the union works.

“I think the experience I gained from the Workplan Seminar in Taiwan is fruitful as through the sharing of many fellow union members, based both in Taiwan and Singapore, I came to know more about how Young NTUC functions, and the union work as a whole,” she quipped earnestly.

Hui Hui has also tried her hand at organising events for the Young Education Services Union (YESU) members with her inaugural event being the Outdoor Art Jamming session held last year.

It was especially memorable when youths who were not members came forth to participate in the event. At that juncture, Hui Hui was able to maximise the opportunity of sharing the work of the union to non-members.

With a wide smile Hui Hui commented that, “The event was very meaningful to us, being able to share what the union does allows the youths to see how the union can relate to the various interests of vastly different individuals – where ‘U’ truly matter.”

And although the Outdoor Art Jamming event was a success, Hui Hui does not intend to hold the horses. Instead, she shares that there are a line up of events for the rest of the year, which includes balloon sculpting, Indoor Laser Tag, Cupcake Workshops and Treasure Hunting!

“We just want to bring our members together, and help us know each other more as we journey together! All these exciting events are in the works and for the branch committee I am serving, there is a durian trip coming July!” Hui Hui shared enthusiastically.

So aside from union work, what does Hui Hui enjoys during her free time?

“Fishing, really. The patience involved in waiting for a catch helps me calm my mind and when the fishes put up a fight, the process of reeling the catch is extremely exciting and gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”