18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
A Verve To Serve The Needy
An unconditional act rendered comes from the heart. It depicts a kind of love, actually. A kind of love that Kenneth Goh has for people such that both his work and free time are dedicated to doing good.

At a tender age of 26, Kenneth has discovered the joy of helping others in the busy city of Singapore. A senior associate in NTUC’s Membership (Operations) department, Kenneth gladly processes welfare programmes by day. These programmes support low income families in the form of vouchers and bursaries to defray costs on daily necessities and children respectively.

By night and/or during his free time, he is a dynamic participant in the activities of the Staff Union of NTUC-ARU (SUN). One event he vividly recalled was when he assisted SUN in organising a donation drive for 500 children at Club Rainbow Singapore in January 2014. “We received useful items such as clothes, diapers and cash, which will give the children a better life.”

The youth rep of SUN also believes that youths today are becoming more enthusiastic and active in doing community service. They have the means and energy to juggle their time between work and other activities.

Brimming with innovative ideas, he intends to contribute his ideas into organising fun-filled SUN events and suggested that more global activities should be organised during Young NTUC meetings to further engage members.

When asked about his favourite union leader, he disclosed that he holds the Secretary General of NTUC, Mr Lim Swee Say in high regard. “His (Mr Lim’s) perseverance and contribution to the labour movement has vastly improved the lives of workers. I prefer his approach of adopting the Progressive Wage system instead of the minimum wage system as it is more sustainable in helping workers earn better wages.”

Union work has increased his knowledge and network with union leaders, corporations and other NTUC departments, wherefrom he has derived a better understanding of the needs of employers and employees.

The moment shared between a person who helps and a person who needs help is one that connects them magically. A sense of importance and purpose is created within them and that is the precious reward gained in the act of giving. As for Kenneth, “When it comes to volunteering, I am always up for it. Helping people not only make their day, but mine too.”