18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
The Pragmatic Idealist

While some are happy to be occasional participants, others like Edwin He want to actively contribute. When a friend told him about the activities and mission of Young NTUC, Edwin signed on, naturally accepting responsibility as a committee member since 2011, engaging members and helping at recruitment drives.

Edwin’s work experience as a Land Transport Authority (LTA) Executive Engineer, along with his Young NTUC involvement has made him a reliable resource for colleagues.  The satisfaction of being able to share advice about employment issues strengthened his resolve to serve the youth community.

As the executive committee member in the Amalgamated Union of Statutory Board of Employees (AUSBE) and secretary for Young AUSBE, Edwin can ably convey the concerns of his peers.

Passing it on
“Singapore has a sound education system which has helped me to get to where I am today. Unfortunately, there are children out there who do not share the same opportunities I had. Moving on, I am pushing for my team to focus their efforts on charity work to benefit the young ones.”

For Edwin, the time he sets aside for Young NTUC and AUSBE serves a few purposes – lending a hand to the less fortunate, encouraging work-life balance, and creating awareness about unfair employment practices.

“Participating in Project Happy Feet Slipper Race 2012 might have seemed like a simple walk in slippers around East Coast Park. What was heart-warming was knowing that we were raising funds for kids who could not afford the cost of school fees, shoes or uniforms.”

From family activities to futsal tournaments, he plays a pivotal role in organising these events.

“Young NTUC is like a family, where we share our experiences and challenges relating to union work and personal life situations. Regardless of your interest, you will find something to contribute to. Whether it’s work or environmental issues, Young NTUC will provide the resources and assistance to achieve your goals.”