Up Close & Personal
Letting His Actions Speak for Themselves

Story by Jonathan Tan and Avelyn Ng

What would you do when you see something wrong at the workplace or in a life situation?

For Muhammad Fazli Hamdan, it means doing everything he can to make things right.

“It comes naturally to me, to step in when I see that things are not right and prevent problems from happening. Sometimes, we get too focused on the immediate goals, we forget certain things,” said the 31-year-old translator in the Ministry of Communications & Information.

It is this helpful nature that set the Singapore Interpreters’ and Translators’ Union member on the path of becoming a youth activist with Young NTUC in 2017.


Learning Through Action

“I’m new with the union, so for me to better understand the union’s work and learn more about NTUC, I needed to be more active and involved. I’m interested to know more about my union and the Labour Movement, that’s what motivated me to be more active,” said Fazli.

Walking the talk, Fazli participated in the recent Young NTUC Youth Campus on Pulau Hantu. Through a series of specially curated activities during the day-long ‘camp’, he got to learn more about tripartism and the Labour Movement’s extensive network of unions and social enterprises.

“The social enterprises stood out for me because they are the closest link for us to get to know about the Labour Movement. In one way or another, we are all touched by them. That is important in helping people know about the Labour Movement’s policies and initiatives.  They can be a very powerful tool,” he shared.

Through the Youth Campus, Fazli also got to meet and mingle with fellow youth activists from both the unions and Young NTUC’s affinity groups.

“The networking was very important in many things that we will need to do. We will never know if we will one day need help from others in terms of career support. This was a good way for me to get to know other people from other industries and unions,” he said.


Good to know:

To find out more about Young NTUC, visit their website here: http://www.youngntuc.org.sg/

To find out more about the Singapore Interpreters’ and Translators’ Union, click here: http://www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/situ/home/aboutus